Done Right Landscaping in San Antonio Texas


Done Right Landscaping in San Antonio Texas

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Done Right Landscaping San Antonio

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Thank you for considering Done Right Lawn and Landscaping for your home or office. We are a Full-Service Lawn and Landscaping Company able to satisfy a large array of outdoor needs. If you are looking for a company that can transform your current view into something that is beautiful and breathtaking all in one, you have come to the proper place. Be assured we will provide you with unparalleled competence, courtesy and professionalism.

Both our lawn and landscaping crews are made up of seasoned professionals in their trade with years of hardened training and expertise. After you go through the full experience from the time the call happens or face-to-face meeting and you see the finished product, you should not feel pressured in anyway and be able to make a sound decision to engage our company for future projects.
When you call Done Right, we make an appointment to come to your home, sit down with you and discuss your needs and ideas. Then we go outside with you into your yard for you to show us exactly what you envision with your property. With the lawn work, we will usually quote you the same or next day.  

A few of the things that we can do for you in the lawn care are; cutting, weed & feed fertilizing, raking, bagging, shrub and hedge cutting, lawn barriers, tree removal and pruning. We do large trees and bushes for that extra feel and look.  

We will expedite your work into a routine calendar schedule that you can depend on. You pick it: biweekly, monthly or even weekly. You chose how often you want to see us. We will give you a recommendation how to keep it all up and looking as fresh and clean as possible.

Our landscape Department is one of our proudest assets. This is much more involved than ordinary yard work. This process is one that adds your personality to your home and property. It encompasses a broad range of value added amenities and improvements such as ideas for backyards and front yards to include all of these options:


  • ​​​​​​​Design and installation of greenhouses (space permitting)

  • Decks: flat single level, tiered or supported

  • Tool sheds or workshops. Note: If you are planning to add a store bought shed, we can help with installing a concrete pad and anchors for it

  • Outdoor showers (enclosed or open) depending on your level of privacy

  • Hot-tub installation on your deck or patios decking...Flat, tiered or supported,

  •  If needed, we can make an enclosed closet under the supported deck stairs if space exits

  • Patios: concrete, brick, pea gravel, stone, etc,

  • Consider Xeriscapes/ Hardscapes with faux plants and shrubs including pea-gravel, mulch and rocks

  • Complete landscapes including your and our ideas;

  • Landscape Design & Installation of Trees, Shrubs, Flowers Sod, Seeding Hydro mulch, rocks, and rock sculptures and design Grading

  • Erosion Control due to sloping 

  • French Drain

  • Design & Installation Outdoor Kitchen/wet-bar

  • Design Water Features like ponds or cascading waterfalls ​​​​​​​

  • Flagstone & Paver Patios & Retaining Walls 

  • Tree Trimming Outdoor  

  • Seasonal Services: Color Enhancements, Re-sodding, Mulching.


After we get your ideas and directions and see what parameters we have to work with, we will get to work on the architectural and design to provide you with the intended rendering. Obviously, this is much more involved planning, and the final specs will take more time than a lawn quote. A minimum deposit and contractual agreement is required on all services. Once agreed upon by both parties, we proceed on making your dream come to life.

There are many things to think about as you make your decision about your dream home vision. As you can see, our site is very informative and we are open to sit with you and answer all your questions you might have. You can also thumb through our picture albums of work we've completed around San Antonio and the state. We will help with suggestions and are ready to assist you at any time.
Our Cost and prices are a great value when you compare it to all that we offer as a one-stop shop. We will work with you to build out what it is you are looking for with your lawn service needs in mind while pricing you the very best price. We will go over all the ABCs of landscaping to build you everything that you are looking for.

When mentioning this website you will get a discounted price on your services. This will only happen when you mention this site specifically from Done Right Landscaping SA dot Com.
Here is an example of what it will be like when you call and schedule a prospective job with us. You will be greeted by a kind voice that is going to ask you what type of service you are looking for. If you are unsure, they will walk you through a few questions to feel out what it is you are looking for. It could be that you want a weekly or every two-week lawn cutting with edging that leaves the lines against the sidewalk and driveway clean.

We can add to the package all trimming removed and any low hanging branches cut and removed. This is the awesome part of what we do. At any time during our contract if you want to add to or remove any service just give us a call and we will make this happen for you.
Your HOA will appreciate the pride you take in your property. You could want the weed eating/whacking done along the fence line and all the overgrown plants and shrubs cut and trimmed back/down. Maybe you want one of the engineers to come out and draw up a new deck for you with a hot tub or even a recommendation for a pool...either above ground or in-ground with a super design to match the patio slab.


Then you look to see if you want an outdoor kitchen or a wet bar to meet you at the pool. These are all things that can be created and designed for you. You could even have that type of property that allows for the perfect infinity pool with an awesome retaining wall for your sloping property line. In the end you will be happy you chose us out of all the other ordinary competition in the San Antonio area.    

As spring and summer come upon us we are more than happy to assist you in all your landscaping needs. We strive to be the best landscaper in SA. The winter months were very short this year and now everything from grass and bushes need trimming and cutting. Trees need to be cut and trimmed and we look forward to you giving us a call or contacting us via the form submission.

With Done Right Landscaping you get the very best work and customer service that you could ask for. Just a side note if you get our answering service please don't feel like we will not return your call. Leave us a message and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. Usually over the weekend it is the following business day. 

Okay Fall is now beginning and the rain has rain has already begun and the grass is growing again. Who needs to have their lawn and grass mowed? Now here is the crazier question who has planted grass that will grow during the winter and will not go into a hibernation this leaving you needing your lawn and grass mowed during the winter? If this is your case we are the company for you. Let us come and mow your yard this Summer and Fall. 

Thank you again for viewing and choosing our company to service your needs. We at Done Right Landscaping San Antonio know that you could have chosen to visit any of our competitors but you landed on our page and that means something to us. We take pride in our job and hope that you take pride in your property and want the best for yours.

Let us talk or meet up and prove to you why we are the done right way in San Antonio​​​​​​​, Texas. We service all of San Antonio to include: Helotes, Alamo Heights, Boerne, Downtown, Gruene, Monte Vista, Shavano Park, Garden Ridge, Universal City, Converse, Leon Valley, Lackland, Kirby, China Grove, Olmos Park, Brackenridge Park.​​​​​​​