Done Right Landscaping in San Antonio Texas


Mowing & Edging


We at Done Right Landscaping are here to work with you and help you design the look that you are looking for. Weather it be you have a yard that has not been mowed in months or years we are here to take on that job. We are more than happy to service your mowing needs on a weekly or longer out schedule. On average when it rains a few days off and on in San Antonio Texas you will need your lawn mowed every week to keep it looking fresh. If we have a dry speel and no rain the lawn can get away with every two to three weeks depending on your type of grass.
We have trained professionals that are more than willing to help you design the look that you are looking for in your mowing needs. It has been mentioned on other pages of Done Right Landscaping San Antonio we offer the ability to scale your project in any direction. We are here to provide you with as much support or as little support when taking care of your grass. When it comes to this San Antonio heat the grass can dye in patches or in some cases larger areas. This is not a big issue due to the ability we have to replace the dead grass. Those areas will be cut out and re-sodded to give you that beautiful look that you are looking for again.
The other good things that we can add to the package is the ability to fertilize your grass and bring it back to the true green color that it should be. During the summer months it is critical to have the ability to water your grass and keep it alive unless you want to keep us constantly re-sodding your yard. Either of those two options is ok with us. Just incase you do not have a irrigation system running and installed we can take care of that also. Sprinklers are something to not worry about as much as they use to be an issue in the past. Running over them or mowing them is not an issue with the ability for them to pop up when running and then drop back down again.
These are just some of the ideas that can work with your ideas to end up creating the perfect landscape and mowing plan for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. Let Done Right Landscaping San Antonio work for you as you hire us on to make your dreams become a reality. How does that sound to you?


We at Done Right Landscaping are here to work with you and help you design the look that you are looking for. One of the best ways to get that accomplished is through the Edging process of lawn care. Some ask what is edging and the way that we answer that here is those straight lines in your grass that correlate with your sidewalk or your driveway. Another way to look at it is have you ever walked on a sidewalk and wondered why the grass was growing over it and it looked not even close to clean? The answer to this issue is edging.
This can be taken care of a few different ways but at Done Right Landscaping San Antonio we use either a weed whacker or an actual edging attachment to the weed eater. Both methods work just fine to get the job done and accomplished looking great. Adding this feature to the landscaping total package is a great value and will only add to making your yard or commercial property pop with that fresh look.