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Lighting and Out Door Lighting

Recent newscasts have shown that an illuminated home or business in the San Antonio area or any other city in this country, are much less likely to be burglarized than those that are not. Can you imagine how you would feel if you just completed a landscaping job on your property and you are still getting used to its newness?

Then, suddenly one night, a vandal decides to trash and destroy your newly finished  property  out of criminal behavior and pure meanness !  That’s  something to consider. Burglary is another consideration, It happens all to often on nice homes and businesses with no or inadequate lighting.Illuminate your property and place of business and get a deduction on your insurance and the peace of mind that you are protecting your valuable property.Remember, safety first.   

In today’s world, technology is at our fingertips. we have even more options to help you save money in lighting your house and business. What does that just mean to you? We can set you up with lighting that is high intensity, low wattage and the extra bonus is they last longer than  lights with the old technology. This means that the benefit you receive is that the savings you accrue over time will help pay for the cost of your lighting system.

Another great part of the  equation with technology, is that you have the ability to make it hands and thought free with timers and switches that take the manual part away. Remote. control allows you to adjust the times you want the lighting.on or off from the comfort of your home or vehicle, You can adjust  for daylight savings and any other variation you want.

What if you only want the front of your house lit up and not the back? That is okay with us. Maybe your  backyard is tucked into  a convenient brick wall that totally encloses your property.     

We are here to listen to what it is you want and we can make recommendations for you that you might have not thought of. We consult with insurance professionals to always be up to date for safety’s sake. For example how about lighting up the sides of your house or installng a security system that works in  alignment your whole house needs including interior and exterior lighting,thermostat, door locks, etc.

This can all be done remotely as well.You don’t even have to be home to do that . What does that mean to you and to your security? Everything! If the system begins to record only when the lights flick on with motion, that allows you to watch even less footage of video if you are looking to see what or who is creeping around in the night. You may even catch a sneaky teenager up to no good, Maybe he’s helping to sneak one of your kids out . What is that worth to you as a parent?  These are just some of the things to consider when deciding if you want to install an outdoor lighting system. 

This is just some of the awesomeness that you can expect from partnering with us at Done Right Landscaping San Antonio. Let us know what it is that you’re thinking about and let our team of qualified experts come and make your dreams a reality. That is our goal and we strive to accomplish that 100% of the time. Just for reading this ,if you tell us you decided to move forward with us as a client from this website, we will make a discount for you.

You see that it pays to read about us at Done Right Landscaping San Antonio. Again thank you for stopping by. and checking out our Outdoor Lighting page. Have a great day and we plan on doing business with you in the near future.