Done Right Landscaping in San Antonio Texas



​Thank you for landing on our Landscape page. We at Done Right Landscaping are here to work with you and help you design the look that you are looking for. This is accomplished by a large variety of ways. At Done Right Landscaping we tackle the your problem by having you tell us what you are looking for if you know what you are looking for. It is ok to not know at all what you are looking for or only know a few things that you want to accomplish with the look that you are going for.
We have trained professionals that are more than willing to help you design the look that you are looking for. In all honesty it could be that you want some shrubs and plants removed and some new ones planted that will make your yard or commercial property pop the way you want. As it has been mentioned on other pages of Done Right Landscaping San Antonio we offer the ability to scale your project in any direction. We also strive to be the bast landscaper in town. 
Lets just say that you have a yard idea in your head and you want to build on a custom lot. Why not meet with us and get your ideas out of your head and onto paper and let your builder of your house build us right into the design of your perfect house also. At the last stages of the building process we can come in and do the sprinkler system that will go along with the rest of the design that you had already built before. Then as it starts to come to conclusion on your house the trees and plants and lighting all start going in with the perfect sod of your choice since you will have that perfect irrigation system installed.
These are just some of the ideas that can work with your ideas to end up creating the perfect landscape for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. Let Done Right Landscaping San Antonio work for you as you hire us on to make your dreams become a reality. How does that sound to you? Here are a broad range of options that we offer to make all your landscaping needs be met:

  • Design and installation of sprinkler systems and irrigation for your garden or greenhouse
  • Design and installation of greenhouses (space permitting)
  • Tool sheds or workshops. Note: If you are planning to add a store bought shed, we can help with installing a concrete pad and anchors for it
  • Outdoor showers (enclosed or open) depending on your level of privacy
  • Hot-tub installation on your deck or patios decking...Flat, tiered or supported, also if needed we can make an enclosed closet under the stairs if space exits
  • Patios and Decks
  • Consider Zero-scapes/ Xeriscapes/ Hardscapes with faux plants and shrubs including pea-gravel
  • Mulch and rocks
  • Complete landscapes including your and our ideas Landscape Design & Installation of Trees, Shrubs, Flowers Sod, Seeding Hydro mulch, rocks, and rock sculptures and design Grading
  • Erosion Control due to sloping 
  • French Drain
  • Design & Installation Outdoor Kitchen
  • Design Water Features like ponds or cascading waterfalls 
  • Outdoor Accent Lighting and Business or Commercial Lighting
  • Flagstone & Paver Patios & Retaining Walls 
  • Tree Trimming Outdoor  
  • Seasonal Services: Color Enhancements, Re-sodding, Mulching